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Wine Stall 2023
19th April 2022 meeting
Whiston Parish Hall

"A Pleasurable Drinking Experience..."

Welcome to the Fitzwilliam Wine Club in Whiston, Rotherham.

A very warm welcome to our Wine Appreciation Society. We are a friendly and sociable group who believe in tasting (i.e. swallowing!) wine. By getting together every month to pool our resources and taste a little of six or seven different wines, we are able to ‘try’ more expensive wine to see what we like; without risking the household budget on buying a whole bottle of each one.

Our tastings usually follow a theme such as ‘wines from a certain region’ or ‘comparisons of the same grape variety from different regions’. We even have members present their favourite wines in the hope of converting the rest of us!

Our tastings are all on the third Tuesday of every month at Whiston Parish Hall, Well Lane, Whiston; Rotherham S60 4HX; starting at 7.30pm.