Monthly Programme

In 2024, the club will meet on the following dates:

Date Content Presenter
16th January 2024 An Evening of Celebrity Wines Matthew Hopps
20th February 2024 Our Annual General Meeting {AGM} featuring five wines presented by David Clay David Clay
19th March 2024 A Selection of Wines from Lightfoot Wines Matt Thompson - Lightfoot Wines, Wentworth; Rotherham
16th April 2024 Members' Night Everybody!

21st May 2024 The Perfect Vineyard Matthew Hopps
18th June 2024 South African or American Wines David Clay
16th July 2024 A Selection of Wines from Majestic Wines Majestic Wines - Sheffield
20th August 2024 Spanish Wines Clive Davis

17th September 2024 A Selection of Wines from Barry Starmore Barry Starmore - Starmore Boss Wines - Sheffield
15th October 2024 'Bring Your Own Wine' Night Everybody!
19th November 2024 '19 Crimes Special' Matthew Hopps
17th December 2024 'Call My Bluff' John Coates / Clive Davis / David Clay

21st January 2025 'Open Wine Night' Everybody!
18th February 2025 Our Annual General Meeting {AGM} TBC